karl (cookie) (newcastlefiend) wrote,
karl (cookie)

every rose has it's thorn

well, yesterday i had my first day of classes. i am in "math fundamentals" and "intro to business." i was also supposed to be in music business 2 but it was full. math seems like it's going to be super easy. i just couldn't for the life of me test out of the stupid class. yesterday we did addition in class. wow. it was so hard. business class should be pretty easy too. it'll kinda be nice to not go to class every freakin day tho. i was gettin kinda worn out. i'm supprised that towards the end there i didn't get any migranes. maybe i can just handle it better now. we'll see. well i guess i'll get going. i don't really have anything exciting to say right now. toodles.
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