karl (cookie) (newcastlefiend) wrote,
karl (cookie)

break..? what break??

yeah so my last day of class was on the 22nd and now i start school again on monday. it seems like there was no break at all because of the holidays and such. i still had a good time tho. got pretty drunk on new years, went in the hot tub twice, played some mario kart double dash, made my new years resolution to make sure that all my friends and family know how much i appreciate them. so yeah that was fun. thursday we went to meet up with my sister and her friends at old chicago who all had been drinking since like 2. so then after that we went to katies for a bit and we got ashlea into grumpys. we sang and drank and it was fun.

my legs hurt and i don't know why. i just took some asprin and i hope it helps. well, i need to get to work. have a lovely day!
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